The mobile photo base

A van as a mobile base to photograph the Arctic

Arctic, northernmost region of the Earth, centred on the North Pole and characterized by distinctively polar conditions of climate, plant and animal life, and other physical features.

Living in a van far north of the arctic circle ? Does not sound like a smart plan ? You might be right but it’s not even a camper =) It’s just a regular cargo van and you can’t stand in it so it’s all you would not choose when looking for a camper.

I think it’s the perfect car and I will try to explain why. When up in the north and out in the cold the last think you need is a lot of room to heat up and to get dry.

Your clothes will always be wet and cold when you come back and your boots will need a lot of heat to be used again. So having a relative small car which can be heated up to a sauna with a average heating system makes live a lot easier.

Every window is a bridge for the cold to come in so this will be limited to one single window on the workplace and this window will be the best I can find when it comes to insulation.

The car will:

– carry all the gear

– keep me warm

– provide power to charge all the camera / PC equipment

– provide a kitchen out of the cold

– be a warm bed in all weather condition

– store my clothes

– store the necessary outdoor equipment

Ok, so as most people start there van reports with Isolation I start mine with a workshop, insurance and myself moving to the northernmost lighthouse on the mainland.


Slettnes Lighthouse and working remote in the best possible way =)